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SAS Programmer is a resource for all SAS Programmers whether students, academics, researchers, or analysts in the banking, pharmaceutical or marketing industries. will serve as a valuable resource to come to when there are parts of SAS that you need to learn quickly or areas of your SAS programming that you need to brush up on.

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Risk Analysis

Check out risk page for information on the application of SAS in Retail banking and common modelling techniques used in Risk Analysis.

Data Manipulation

SAS Base Programming Learn efficient ways to manage and manipulate your data in SAS Base with our regular updates on efficient coding techniques on our SAS Base page.

Check out Our Online SAS Tools

SAS Macro Library

Check out our SAS Macro library, a selection of SAS Macros searchable online and downloadable as SAS Macro files.

SAS Credit Risk Programmer

Have a look at our page dedicated to how SAS is used in the Credit Risk industry.

SAS Base Programming

Read our online resources dedicated to SAS Base.